Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surface Music Re-issue

It's almost X-mas and I wanted to put this out there before the end of the year. Looks like I'm just squeezing by on this re-issue, but at least I'm getting it done. This way I have all of the cd-r's that I put out years ago available in a digital format. There were a couple of other releases, but I do not plan on making those available. I think that what I have available for download via bandcamp is a good representation of my output as the Hifi Envelope. Now I can put a little more effort into fully realizing the songs that I have written since 2009 that I have performed live with, but not had the energy or focus to try to properly record.

Though it is fairly mid-fi in terms of fidelity, Surface Music represents a big step forward for me. Up until 2000 I had primarily worked on a tape four track with outboard effects and a sampler to record and compose. Sometime that year I started playing around on the computer making beat sequences with free trackers I found to download. In 2002 I was introduced to a couple of programs that really changed how I made music. The songs on Surface Music are the results of those changes. Through adapting newer technologies and applying what I had learned playing drums in Noetry and bass(among other things) in the French Horns, I was growing my ability to map out a piece both dynamically and melodically.

Originally this was released as a cd-r in 2004 on Lostgate Backgrounds. It is released here with an extra song that was from the Party Music release from 2005 that will not be re-issued. "Fond Belt Memory" was written and recorded with Timothy Murray in 2003(of Orlando bands Noetry, Temporally and Telethon) one afternoon while we were waiting for friends to pick us up to go to a Belle and Sebastian concert. Since it was recorded at the same time as the rest of the songs on Surface Music, I though it would be fitting to include.

Download Surface Music here:

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