Friday, May 29, 2015


The only constant is change, of that I am certain. So it is without surprise that I am at this music making thing on my own again, and to a degree this is a welcome change. Though I do not wish to cast a shadow over those kind enough and interested enough to volunteer their time and effort to my project, I have not been challenged or working with people that I feel really understand where I am coming from for quite some time now. When in a situation such as this it is best if I just retreat to the solace of solo work. Having said that, I have nothing but respect for those players that have made the Hifi Envelope into more of rock band in the past couple of years of shows. It's been fun and a growing experience for me, but it's not my home, so to speak.

My last live performance in April where I played a solo set in downtown Jacksonville on the Elestial Sound stage at One Spark Festival only clarified this for me. As did my recent attendance at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN in early March of this year. Time to focus on what I do best. Time to dig into my roots. What does this mean? Drums and electronics and noise. Perhaps this is a reaction to the limb I've been out on these past few years trying to craft pop songs without a proper singer or a reaction to having had to deal with bandmates and all of the psychology involved therein, but its where I'm heading. 

I've still got some loose ends to tie up, like the 'album' I am slowly working on, The Hours We Passed in Dreaming. Hopefully, I can have that done this year-ish. Probably a physical release on cassette, probably limited to 50 copies. 

I also hope to continue my collaboration with filmmaker Aaron O'Laughlin. We have shot a couple of interesting short improvised pieces and I hope we create several more eventually threading them together as a feature, maybe a DVD release. Time will tell.