Saturday, September 29, 2012

Feedback Cottage

My friend, Aaron, and I went to lunch at Pearl Country Store for some barbecue a few days back. Afterwards, we went walking around at the Paynes Prairie State Preserve. I had brought along my guitar and  a battery powered amp. Aaron brought his camera. This video is the result.

Planet of Sound Update

My show is moving from Friday morning to Saturday night at 7 to 9, except for the fourth Saturday of the month when The Conch(Grow Radio's version of the Moth) airs. Tune in or download the podcast and enjoy my smooth, manly baritone as well as the many fine selections I play for you.

Go here for the archived podcasts: Planet of Sound

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New radio show Planet of Sound on Grow Radio

I have started an internet radio show on on Friday morning from 9a.m. through 11a.m. called Planet of Sound.  If you can not listen when the show is on you can download the podcast from the show page. The link is below.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unquiet CD now available

   Why I decided to bother making these cd's I am not entirely certain, but now that I have I am extremely pleased with them. This cd contains Unrelated Passages and Quiet Instructions on one disc. I hand printed the recycled cardboard sleeves and printed the insert on vellum. I was going for an early 90's Thrill Jockey meets Drive-In Records (the seminal Michigan space rock/indie pop label) aesthetic. I feel like I succeeded in that. This run of cd's is limited to just 25 copies.

   These will be available at upcoming shows or you can order one from me. They are $5 postage paid. If you wish to order one contact me at