Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If you know me well, you probably know Charles Bukowski is one of my favorite poets. Here is something I found on Bukowski.net:

The Damnation of Recognition

The damnation of recognition:
this is where even
genius sometimes
and talent always
whores out;

oh, boys, be careful:
it was not easy
getting there.
and there's no getting back;
remember what you've
carved in cold places,
and know
that the gods were good,
and it is not
the living crowd
of now
that decides anything:
or least of all,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bandcamp site up with three new releases!!!

I set out intending on mastering and organizing the songs for Unrelated Passages, but in the process of doing so found a good deal of songs I thought were decent enough to share. As time progresses, perhaps this will prove to have not been such a great idea, but I am not one given to self revision. These are the documents. Judge as harshly as you like. However, I hope you will spend a little time with them. Get to know them with all of their imperfection and subtlety, in so much as they have to offer. Let them fill some small silence in your day as you put on your make up, as you drive or bike to work or school, when the sunlight filters into your room in that perfect way, when you cook some dinner, as you fall asleep.

go here for music: