Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Transitional Objects

I will be releasing a tape on Illuminated Paths soon called Transitional Objects. In the interim of recording what I intended on being my next release, The Hours We Passed In Dreaming, I realized I had amassed a rather full back catalog of songs I had not released. Some of these stretch back to 2008 that I had recorded for my former band Facehat and others are pieces I recorded with no intention of releasing at all. Many of these pieces were recorded in times of difficult periods of transition, hence the title. IP will be releasing the tape in edition of 25 which can be purchased from me at shows or at IP's bandcamp page where it will also be available as a digital download. Watch my Facebook for the release which should be soon.

I still plan on doing the Recollected Maneuvers tape at some point and have enough material for another ep while I continue to work on The Hours We Passed In Dreaming, which is progressing, albeit slowly.

If you're here reading this, thanks. In the meantime, check out Illuminate Paths here: