Monday, June 30, 2014

Free Music

Some of my favorite music lately has come to me in the form of free bandcamp releases. I want to share them with you, whoever you are.

De Nada was from Tallahassee, FL. I far as I can tell they are no longer a band, but they recorded an amazing, artful ep with David Settle. Members of De Nada are also in Grounded and SALES. Both of these post De Nada groups seem pretty decent with a lot of potential, but it's the unique style and approach of the vocalist coupled with the dynamic, creative playing that makes them truly something special. It's not often you come across a rhythm section this tight and focused with a singer that has something tangible and sincere to add to the soup. Good on them for capturing it. David Settle's recording of the whole matter with a very minimal set up only adds to the mystique, for me.

Jane Jane Pollock was from Florida, I think. I remember them playing tons of shows around that I never had the chance(or interest, for that matter) to go to. Sucks for me because it turns out they are fucking amazing. So this next one is somehow related to them. I believe Danny is one of the members in the band Jane Jane, which is the latest incarnation in the JJP schema. Being that I love organs, the beach, and Arthur Lyman, this one was bound to find it's way to me.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

My hero

Lester Polsfuss invented everything relevant to the music I make, to the music that has influenced me: the electric guitar, multi-track recording, reverb/delay units, and the looper. Thanks, Les.